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The neighborhood of San Francisco

You have already finished your visit of the city? By foot and by car? Then it's time to escape yourself out of the city. Leave behind you this magnificent and unforgettable city will not be a small matter... Well, the beauty of the landscapes you are going to discover will make you love, not only San Francisco, but all its State, which is called ...CALIFORNIA....

Map of California


You just need to do a small jump from the town of San Francisco to arrive at Sausalito. Since the Fisherman's Wharf take one of the small Ferry, which will bring you directly to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the town of Sausalito, in half an hour only.

I advice you to go to Sausalito a day when San Francisco is covered with its famous fog which makes its morning charm, because you should have of chance to find in Sausalito the sun and to take beautiful pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.

Take the time to walk along the ocean and to do a promenade in front of the shop's windows of this town and to make a stop on a terrace of a cafe following the bay.

Sit down on a bench to admire this view ! Past of good time and look at the statutes which decorate the quays where are moored, as well of luxurious yachts, that old barges.

The stroll around San Francisco is going to begin.....

Sight of Telegraph Hill and Transamerica Pyramide

When San Francisco will not have any secret for you, we will be abble to discover the state of California...

You did not arrive by the front door? You are on the site: