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Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park was the idea of the engineer of the civil engineerings William H. Hall in 1870. The project was to cover all the dry grounds of the surroundings of San Francisco to make a botanical garden of it. Nobody really listened to him.

It was John McLaren who pursued the ideas of William H. Hall and which fought to give concrete expression to this project. Regrettably, he died at the age of 93 without seeing the park completely realized.

The Golden Gate Park is situated from Haight-Ashbury up to the ocean and all the trees, shrubs and varieties of flowers are spread on a surface of 412 hectares.

In the park, you will cross all the economy classes of the city. The weekend, the park is very appreciated, because it offers different activities, passing by the siesta, museums and the walks through the Japanese garden.

The tropical heat of the Conservatory of Flower, the oldest building of the park, will be very pleasant to you during a rainy and cold day. You will maybe prefer the American art since the colonial time until our days, by visiting the M.H. de YOUNG MEMORIAL MUSEUM. which collects an important collection of objects of art, western sculptures savage, tissues and unusual furniture.

Another museum opens you the door, the Asian Art, the Asian Art Museum. The bronze collection, ceramic and the Chinese, Korean and Japanese pictures will delight you.

Animals are not forgotten in the Golden Gate Park. The California Academy of Sciences got an aquarium with huge fishes, accommodates alive crocodiles and a stuffed grizzly bear. The academy is also well-known for its differents scientific conferences.

Bisons (American Buffalo) expect your visit at the end of the park, in the Pacific side. Majestic, those animals will remain always impressive and interesting to observe.

Do not forget, notably , to go to the Japanese Tea Garden. In the middle of this vast garden including ponds with Japanese fishes you could find some famous house of tea. Good visit in Japan !

In the Golden Gate Park, you will be like a fish in the water ! Forgot the traffic and just relax after a good day in the downtown of San Francisco ! Two days will be necessary if you wish to visit this magnificent park.

Good walk !

You did not arrive by the front door? You are on the site: