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The Fisherman's Wharf

and the Pier 39

Fisherman's Wharf is the place of the fishermen. Of course ! You will find any sorts of various restaurants with their specialities of fishes, shells and, naturally, the famous crabs of the region.

Fisherman's Wharf (called also Tourists' Land) is an incredible quantity of small shops of recollections to satisfy the desires of thousands of tourists pacing up and down every day the pavements of the district.

Years after years the Pier 39 changes in real attractive Pier with all its shops and specialized restaurants. You will even be abble, if the weather is a little bit cool, to sample a real "Swiss fondue" on the Pier 39 of San Francisco!

Go until the end of this Pier, because a surprise of size waits for you: sea lions quarrel to have a place to sleep on the various wooden bridges which float off the ocean. Stay there a moment to relax before returning in your favorite shops and buying you Winnie the Bear's last cup or any kind od Donald (do not hurt him...) , in the shop Wald Disney.

You did not arrive by the front door? You are on the site: