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Let's goOld blue carby car !

You are in the United States! You need a car wherever you are, but not in San Francisco !

Forget the car in San Francisco. You will drive, drive and drive again, lost your time in the traffic and get lost if you do not know the city well and the last important thing to say, you are going to pay the parkings which are very expensive !

It is clear that it could be very nice to drive in the famous streets of San Francisco, on Lombard Street, the most tortuous street of the world. You can wait until the last day, just before going to visit the neighborhood of the city and other aereas to far away from the downtown.

Rent a car in a rental agency will not be very expensive. You are in vacations ! So, take a beautiful and powerful car if it interests you, because the price is really more attractive than in Europe.

I suggest you some nice trips to not miss with your car the last day of your visit in San Francisco:

Go drive on the famous hills of San Francisco and take some beautiful pictures :

Russian Hill   Nob Hill   Twin Peaks  
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Russian Hill

Start in Marina. This place is very easy to find, (near the ocean...) and an ideal point of departure to cross the city.

Drive on Fillmore Street, until the intersection with Union Street. Take the time to stop on " Union Street Shops ", in the small shops and the "Cafe" where you can order a warm drink with brownies and coockies.

If you are ready take the direction of Russian Hill ! Good luck ! The streets are very deep... Continue until Leavenworth Street, then take a right to arrive at the intersection with Green Street. Here you can admire the view after having park your car.

You are on Russian Hill. You will not cross any Russians in every corners of streets. This name of district comes from the fact that we buried members died from the crew of the Russian fishing boats.

After having enjoy this aera, I invite you to leave it by the parallel road, Hyde Street, in the direction of Lombard Street, towards the ocean. Be carefull to not drive on Filbert Street, between Leavenworth and Hyde Street ! With its hillside of 31,5 %, your brakes could have some big problems !.....

Drive on Lombard Street, situated on your right-hand side, then drive up on Jones Street to arrive on Nob Hill...

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Nob Hill

Nob Hill ! You can admire the cathedral Grace built thanks to the donation of a wealthy family having done fortune with the rail. It is there, moreover, that rich businessmen built their most beautiful houses, taking advantage of the arrival of Cable Car up to Nob Hill's summit.

Do not forget, during your ballad in car, to admire the various districts, quiet, full of life, which form the city of San Francisco. Maybe they will manage to make you fall in love with San Francisco as I am..

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Twin Peaks

Drive to Twin Peaks before the nightfall. Make sure you know the road before going :

When you are on Market Street, follow it by turning the back to the Embarcadero ( the ocean). Once arriving at the end of market Street, you will find, on your right-hand side the famous gay district " Castro Street " of San Francisco. If you continue on Market Street, you wil climb and fall inevitably on Twin Peaks's place.

The nightfall on San Francisco, seen since Twin Peaks is.... Simply indescribable. Let's go report it by yourself!

Safe journey and leave San Francisco by car to visit the neighborhood, with the recollection of this open view and all these small lights which form a city of light even more beautiful than you would have imagined it.

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